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Welcome to the Ubers subforum!
This thread will serve as the main stop for gathering information about the rules we operate under in this subforum, information on our tier itself, and later on, a guide to the projects that are taking place in our tier.

Rules and Guidelines

This subforum operates under the Global Forum Rules, and the moderators operate under the assumption that you have read and acknowledged these rules. We also have some guidelines to help new users find their way around:

- Threads require moderator approval before being posted. Feel free to contact our subforum moderators (outlined below) if you believe you have a thread to post.
- As an addendum to the above, threads created should serve a larger purpose than that of just the OP's wishes. Posts asking about team ideas, Pokemon viability, or general quick questions should be asked in our Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread. Ignoring this guideline very likely to result in your thread being locked and/or deleted, with punishments for repeat offenders.
- Note that the Ubers forum may not be the best place to ask questions related to cartridge play - remember that this forum discusses the Ubers metagame on Smogon. You may find better answers in the various Cartridge Formats sections, which deals with official Nintendo metagames, or our Orange Islands forum, which deals with typical in-game play.
- This forum aims to primarily discuss the Scarlet and Violet official Ubers metagame. Any discussion of a "National Dex" format should be kept to private discussions or in our live chat areas. Older generations can be discussed in our Old Gens Hub and freely elsewhere.
- Users looking to learn, discuss, and ask questions related to sets or teams in real-time are likely to find success in our live chat areas, such as our Discord server or our Pokemon Showdown room.

Moderators and Tiering Council Members

The Ubers subforum is currently moderated by Aberforth, Fc, keys, and SparksBlade. Users looking to start projects or subforum/circuit tournaments are encouraged to seek permission from our moderation team before proceeding. We are always happy to help newcomers into the tier!

The Ubers Tiering Council members are currently Aberforth, Fc, Fogbound Lake, Manaphy, Minority, SiTuM, steelskitty, and TJ. The aim of the tiering council is to provide insight and backing behind potential tiering actions and navigate the tier forward should points of contention arise. Users may be permitted to join on an invite-only basis.
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Navigating the Ubers Subforum:

Now that we've gone through the forum rules, its important to visit the various sections of our subforum, as well as their purposes and utilities. All the listed threads are followed by a brief explanation regarding their purpose, while the user responsible for said thread is displayed alongside it.

Metagame Discussion

SV Ubers Viability Rankings - Ubers VR Council
A discussion thread aimed at ranking every Ubers viable Pokemon, led by the VR Council.​

SV Ubers Metagame Discussion - Fc
A thread dedicated to discussing the new information and developments within the SV Ubers metagame and discussions for the ongoing suspect.​

Simple Questions, Simple Answers - Ubers Moderation Team
A more informal thread used to ask simple questions that do not require a thread of their own to answer.​

SV Ubers Community Surveys - Fc
A thread aimed at allowing the Ubers Tiering Council to check in with the community regularly through surveys to assess the general opinions regarding elements in the SV Ubers metagame.​


Ubers Strategy Dex
A general Hub on Smogon for everything related to Ubers.​

SV Ubers C&C Forum - Ubers QC Team
A section that houses analyses aimed at assisting players when it comes to playing Ubers.​

(Coming soon) SV Ubers Sample Teams - Aberforth
An invaluable resource where successful SV Ubers teams are posted by established players to help newer or aspiring players get acquainted with the Ubers metagame.​

SV Ubers Tera Type Compendium - Situm
A visual thread that provides a list of the most common Tera types used by specific Pokemon within the Ubers tier.​
SV Ubers Set Compendium - Lunala
An informative thread that goes down the Viability Rankings and highlights a list of the key sets commonly utilised by specific Pokemon within the Ubers tier.​

SV Ubers Speed Tiers - Eledyr
A thread outlining the speeds of most common sets used in Ubers.​

Ubers Old Gens Hub - Lasen
A general resource thread for everything related to the Older Generations of Ubers (1-8). This includes anything from viability rankings to sample teams to other aspects such as each generations' particular game mechanics.​


2023 Ubers Tournament Schedule - Fc
An announcement thread where the plans for the 2023 Ubers Tournament Circuit are outlined, from dates to individual hosts to detailed explanations regarding each particular tournament as well as the overarching points system.​

SV Good Cores - GeniusFromHoenn
A collaborative thread aimed at sharing groups of Pokemon that work well together within the SV Ubers metagame.​

Team Dumps
SV Ubers Bazaar - byulharang
An informal resource thread where players can share their teams with the rest of the community followed by short descriptions.
Ubers Room on Pokemon Showdown!
Ubers Discord Server

Rate my Team Forum (Ubers Teams)
Battling 101 Forum
Circuit Tournaments Forum
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